Skin Prick Testing 

Skin Testing Information - Important information before your appointment

Please do not take oral antihistamines for 72 hours prior to your appointment or the test will not be able to be performed.

Please do not apply steroid containing creams to your lower arms (and back for young children) for 1 week prior to your appointment.

Please do not apply any creams or lotions on the day that your appointment is scheduled.

Do not stop your usual medications for asthma or any nasal sprays; these do not interfere with the test (including oral prednisone).

Please advise Dr Rebekah Wilson on before you come for your test if you are on beta- blockers or tricyclic antidepressants.

What to expect on the day of your test

You will need to sign a consent form after you have heard the risks and management of risks.

Your skin over the testing site will be cleaned with an alcohol swab.

The skin will be drawn on with a permanent marker to indicate the different allergens. Small droplets containing the allergen will be placed on your arm and then a tiny lancet will break the surface of the skin underneath the droplet.

The droplet sites can be itchy but it is very important that you don’t itch them during the 15 minutes required to read the test.

After the results have been read at 15 minutes you are able to have antihistamine and ice is also available to use which is the most effective way to reduce itch if you need to.

If you have any further questions regarding your test please email: