Pre Immunotherapy Information

Pre Immunotherapy Treatment 

In the coming week before you receive your first dose of immunotherapy you need:

  1. To be well. Please report via email or phone 09 869 5124 if you are unwell or have an asthma flare in the week prior or if you have started medicine for something new.

  2. To take antihistamines daily. If you do not have a prescription for these already please let Dr Thompson know.

  3. To take you preventer inhaler daily as prescribed, if you have asthma.

  4. To continue your usual medication for hayfever/ allergic rhinitis as you will likely get a flare of your symptoms initially so it is best to start with the least amount of symptoms possible.

  5. Please be aware you will be in the practice for around 2 hours to receive your first dose as it is split into two with a half hour wait in between doses. You will not be able to exercise or have a hot shower for 4 hours following immunotherapy.